Analog Monitor

Analog Monitor

CSL offers a simple inexpensive unit Model CSL:DGA-7045 for transformer oil dissolved gas analysis. The system consists of gas extraction unit. to extract the gases from the transformer oil. The oil is stirred during extraction under vacuum at a temperature of 80 to 90 Deg C by employing a magnetic stirrer. The volume of gas is measured. The Model CSL:DGA-7045 is specially tailored for this analysis. It consists of FID and TCD detectors with suitable columns such that Methane, Ethane, Ethylene, etc are separated out and detected by FID, CO and CO2 is converted in to methane by methanator unit and detected by FID. Hydrogen is detected through TCD using argon as carrier gas. With unique system design and integration software the whole operation and complete analysis is completed in 15 minutes. Calibration gas standards required for the unit comes in two mixtures one having hydrocarbons and the other having hydrogen CO and CO2. CSL offers complete system with calibration gases, carrier gas along with gas extraction unit and chromatographic unit. We also under take the analysis of DGA in our lab.

All CSL GC Model s comes with complete accessories and all the accessories manufactured by Chemtron and hence thereby providing a complete turn key solution.

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