Manual Using

Manual Using Dosing Cylinders

Manual Using Dosing Cylinders
Ethylene Ripening System
Manual Using Dosing Cylinders

Ripening can be done using gas cylinder in cold room of sizes as low as 2 tons to 250 tons ! manually. We offer gas cylinders which is diluted with nitrogen. The gas content is 7000 liters and is enough for 10 ripening cycles for a 15 ton room size. The cylinder comes with a special gas releasing apparatus which indicates the user the amount of gas required for ripening. The customer has to dose fixed amount of gas in the room which is shown in the gas releasing device and the ripening will trigger. The customer has just to release the gas inside the room and close it for 16 hrs. The gas dosed is enough to trigger the ripening process. This is completely fool proof method and since the ethylene gas is getting released in the chamber the ripening process will start provided the room is not opened for 16 hours.

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Who Should Buy This
Customers having multiple cold rooms.
For capacities higher than 10 tons.
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Reselling End Use Raw Material


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