Speciality Gases

Speciality Gases

Speciality Gases
Calibration, liquid, Natural gas, RGA, DGA and LPG gas standard.

Calibration Gas Mixture

Calibration Gas Mixture

Calibration Gas Mixture
Calibration Gas Mixture
The composition of the mixtures available is practically infinite. It is restricted only by the physical and chemical properties, health, safety norms and the Stability and quality of the final mixture. At CSL we offer our clients any desired preparation tolerance and certification accuracy depending on the mixture components. We prepare mixture using highly accurate gravimetric / volumetric techniques traceable to National Physical Laboratory standard masses. We have advanced imported computerized gas chromatograph system which enables higher accuracy and precision for each gas mixture.

These industrial gases and gas mixtures are made by gravimetric / volumetric methods complying with national & international standards & are traceable to NPL, India.

Appropriate Cylinder treatment and values are selected on chemical properties of mixtures & are checked by various state of art imported, indigenous instruments like gas chromatograph, analyzers equipped with the variety of detectors system (FID, TCD, FPD, PID), optional methods & various wet chemicals absolute methods for measurement as per international standards such as ASTM, IS or BIS.
CSL uses more than 3 advanced imported mass comparator balances which can weigh from heaviest of cylinders with accuracy of 0.001 gm and micro balances for micro gm weighing for specialised mfg high accuracy gravimetric mixtures and liquid mixtures with weights traceble to NPL, India.

Environmental and Pollution Control Gases : - CL2, SO2, CO, NO, NO2, H2S, HCL, NH3 gases are available in PPM and % range, flue gas measurement, synthetic air and zero air.

Medical Application : - Respiratory gas, incubation bio chemistry, sterilizing medical equipment. Blood gas analyzer, lung function analysis, 35 ppm, NO bal NO2 mixture. Pulmonary function test mixture.

Laser Application : - Gas mixture for CO2 lasers and marking lasers

Automotive Application : - Gases for exhaust Gases.

Semiconductor Application : - Silane Gas mixture.

Steel Industry Application : - Reduction Gases for metallurgy, CO2, CO, O2, H2, Air and N2.

Food Packaging Application : - N2, CO2 and O2 Gas Mixture.

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