Supercritical Carbon Di Oxide Extraction Systems

Supercritical Carbon Di Oxide Extraction Systems
Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) is the process of separating one component (the extractant) from another (the matrix) using supercritical fluids as the extracting solvent. Extraction is usually from a solid matrix, but can also be from liquids. SFE can be used as a sample preparation step for analytical purposes, or on a larger scale to either strip unwanted material from a product (e.g. decaffeination) or collect a desired product (e.g. essential oils). Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most used supercritical fluid, sometimes modified by co-solvents such as ethanol or methanol. Extraction conditions for supercritical CO2 are above the critical temperature of 31&deg;C and critical pressure of 74 Bar. Addition of modifiers may slightly alter this. The discussion below will mainly refer to extraction with CO2, except where specified.<br /><br />
<b class="f16 fw c1">Chemtron and Supercritical Extraction</b><br />
It is great pleasure introduce ourselves as &lsquo;Single Source&rsquo; for Design, Supply, and Installation & Commissioning of Super Critical Extraction plants based on Co2 Gas of various sizes like 0.5 liter capacity. We are work in this technology for the past 5 years. It started for academic interest and now we have designed and supplied 10 ltr pilot plant to customers. Chemtron Science Lab Pvt Ltd is ISO 9001 certified and has a existence of 17 years as on 2009 in the business of gases.<br /><br />
<b class="f16 fw c1">Services provide by Chemtron in contract research</b><br />
We also offer a variety of service for supercritical extraction including extraction of material on job basis.<br /><br>
We also undertake research samples of commercial scale production, and develop optimum condition for extraction and commercial scale planning and project report for finance option from commercial banks. Please contact us and give a detailed description of your needs.
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